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How Will I Know When NJ Courts and Agencies Return to Normal Operations?


Below are links to websites that host important information about COVID-related services changes for New Jersey courts and agencies. These websites are likely to continue to host important current information about changes in the delivery or access to services stemming from COVID-19. We expect that these websites will also signal the public when courts and state agencies begin to return to normal service operations. Additional legal information is available on our website at


NJ Superior Courts

For the most current information on COVID-related changes to NJ Superior Court (county court) operations, check these webpages:
NJ courts closings page:

  • Includes links to municipal court pages

NJ court county-specific court pages:
NJ court public/media page:

  • Includes recent press releases from the NJ Judiciary

NJ court attorneys page:

  • You do not have to be an attorney to view this page
  • Includes notices to the bar
  • Includes orders of the Supreme Court modifying normal court operations

Office of Administrative Law

For administrative fair hearings:

Federal District of New Jersey Court


  • Includes COVID-related changes

Bankruptcy Court:

  • Includes link to orders regarding court operations

New Jersey and New Jersey Agencies

State of New Jersey Website


  • Includes governor executive orders about closing businesses, parks, schools, etc.

COVID-19 page:

NJ Department of Education:

  • Includes updates on mandated statewide changes (school closings, postponed testing, etc.)

NJ Department of Children & Families

COVID-19 page:  

  • Emergency Child Care Assistance program and provider list
  • Information for families

NJ Child Support (Office of Child Support Services)

NJ Higher Education Student Assistance Authority
Includes information about:

  • NJCLASS student loans
  • Stronger protections available for many federal student loans

NJ Division of Unemployment Insurance


  • Where to apply for unemployment benefits
  • Timeframes for collecting benefits

NJ Department of Human Services

COVID-19 page:

NJ Department of Community Affairs

COVID-19 page:

NJ Board of Public Utilities

COVID-19 page:

  • Suspension of utilty shutoffs and payment assistance
  • Power outage and scam awareness information

NJ Division of Consumer Affairs

COVID-19 page: 

  • Price gouging complaint form
  • Telemedicine guidelines
  • Warnings about COVID-19-related scams

NJ Department of Banking and Insurance
Includes information about:

  • Health insurance coverage
  • Insurance premium grace periods
  • Mortgage foreclosure limitations
  • Residential mortgage relief

Note that for many mortgages, federal mortgage protections may be stronger than New Jersey’s. More information at: