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CHIP Health Insurance Wait Periods and Premiums Remain Suspended


New Jersey is continuing its push to “Cover All Kids” in the state with health insurance through several initiatives. Last year, parents of children covered under the CHIP program were no longer required to pay premiums for the coverage. The waiver has been extended another year, meaning that no premiums will be charged to parents as long as the suspension remains in place.

NJ CHIP coverage also used to have a three-month waiting period after private insurance coverage was terminated. This waiting period was also suspended last year. Children who lose their health insurance because their parents are no longer covered, for whatever reason, do not have to wait three months for their coverage to start. An application for coverage can be made immediately. The coverage will be effective the month of application, provided that all other conditions for coverage are met.

CHIP health insurance provides coverage for children in families with incomes up to 355% of the federal poverty level (FPL). For 2022, this means a family of four can earn up to $8,210 gross per month ($98,513 annually) and dependent children will qualify for CHIP coverage. If your family qualifies for CHIP coverage, you can apply online at Click on the red star on the home page to get started with your children’s application. If you have any questions about whether your children will qualify for coverage, call the Health Care Access Project at 800-LSNJ-LAW. ​