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Interactive Application for Victims of Crime Compensation


Welcome to LSNJ’s Interactive Application for Victims of Crime Compensation​. Here, you can learn more about the help available through New Jersey’s VCCO and complete an application to request help.

What is VCCO?

New Jersey Victims of Crime Compensation Office (VCCO) pays for some services, expenses, and financial losses for victims of certain criminal acts. The VCCO can award up to $25,000 for all expenses, but most types of benefits have lower limits. Below are some examples:

Types of Benefits and Amounts

Type of Benefit

Maximum Benefit Award

Emergency relocation costs $3,000
Mental Health counseling $20,000
Hospital, physician and physical therapy $25,000
($35,000, if long-term or lifelong injury)
Funeral expenses $7,500
Care of child or dependent $6,500
Loss of earnings $600 per week for 104 weeks

Attorney fees for filing a VCCO claim and handling claim appeal

$275 per hour up to 15% of the total award

The VCCO is a resource of last resort. VCCO benefits are only available if other sources of payment (such as health insurance, worker’s compensation, government or private disability benefits, etc.) have been used first.

What services, expenses, or losses are covered?

The VCCO covers costs resulting from eligible crimes that are related to:

  • treatment (medical, counseling, dental, etc.)
  • relocation
  • crime scene clean up
  • funerals
  • attorney fees
  • court attendance
  • loss of earnings or support

What crimes are covered?

Covered crimes include but are not limited to:

  • domestic violence
  • sexual assault
  • human trafficking
  • aggravated assault
  • homicide
  • kidnapping

Who can get benefits?

You may apply for VCCO benefits if you meet all of the following criteria:

  • You are the victim of an eligible crime or the dependents of the victim of an eligible crime.
  • You are a resident of the State of New Jersey or the crime occurred in New Jersey.
  • You have eligible financial losses as a result of an eligible criminal act.
  • The crime was reported to law enforcement within nine months, and the VCCO application was filed within three years from the date of the crime. Consideration will be given if “good cause” exists for delayed filing.
  • You cooperated with police and prosecutor’s office. However, eligibility is not dependent upon conviction or prosecution of the offender.
  • Insurance and other payment sources, such as restitution paid by the offender, will not cover the bills submitted.
  • You did not contribute to your injuries or provoke the incident; you were not responsible for, nor did you participate in the crime that caused your injuries.
  • You do not currently owe VCCO assessments imposed for convictions.
  • You do not currently have an arrest warrant or pending criminal charges in Superior Court.

Note: Providing a Social Security Number is optional.

What documentation needs to be attached?

  • All bills for covered expenses 
  • Certification or a letter explaining the criminal event

Before you start

  • This site will help you apply for VCCO assistance, but only the program can decide whether or not to approve your request.
  • If you decide to apply, you should gather all the information you have about the incidents, such as dates and locations, before you start. You will need this information to answer the questions.
  • It should take between 30 and 40 minutes to answer all of the questions. At this time, you cannot submit your application online. You can submit it via email or regular mail, but will need access to a printer either way so that you can sign your completed application.
Click here to begin the VCCO application

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