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Looking Out

March 2023March 2023

  • Get Ready for the Medicaid Restart
  • New Jersey Minimum Wage for 2023 is $14.13 for Most Employees
  • Renters’ Rights: What is a legal rent increase?
  • 2022 Index

January-February 2023January-February 2023

  • Understanding Your 2022 Taxes
  • Available Resources for Survivors of Human Trafficking in New Jersey
  • Sexual Extortion: What You Need To Know
  • Renters’ Rights: Change to Landlord-Tenant Court Process–What happens if you do not show up at a case management conference?

December 2022December 2022

  • New Rights for Water Customers
  • NJ FamilyCare to Cover All Kids Starting in January
  • NJ SNAP Benefits Changes: What You Need to Know
  • Updated Free Legal Handbooks for Parents – Child Abuse & Neglect and Termination of Parental Rights
  • Renters’ Rights: In-Person Eviction Trials Are Back in County Courts

November 2022November 2022


  • Choosing a Plan on New Jersey’s Health Insurance Marketplace
  • ANCHOR Property Tax Relief for Renters and Homeowners
  • Landlord-Tenant Updates
  • Accessible State and Local Government Services for People With Disabilities in New Jersey
  • Time Limits – Work First New Jersey (WFNJ) and Emergency Assistance (EA)
  • Emergency Rescue Mortgage Assistance (ERMA)
  • Understanding Bank Levies
  • In-Person Unemployment Appointments Are Now Available!
  • Learn About Your Rights in the Criminal Justice System as a Youth Trafficking Survivor

October 2022October 2022

  • The 19 Crimes of Domestic Violence
  • Online Safety
  • How Can I Stop Online Harassment?
  • New Rules Adopted for Lead Paint Inspections of Rental Properties
  • Updated Procedures to File for a Name Change

September 2022September 2022

  • Monkeypox (MPX) Declared a Public Health Emergency
  • Tips for heading back to school
    • Affordable Connectivity Program
    • Did You Know? Facts about your educational rights
    • What You Can Do When You Disagree With a Special Education Decision
  • Understanding Wage Garnishments
  • Reviewing Your Unemployment Record

July-August 2022July-August 2022

  • Know Your Protections Regarding Employment Termination
  • Keeping Cool and Well-Fed This Summer
  • Help for New Moms: Increased Medicaid Coverage and Maternal Mental Health Hotline
  • What to Do About Employment Discrimination
  • COVID-19 At-Home Testing Options


June 2022June 2022


  • How to Apply for Waivers of Pandemic-Related Unemployment Overpayments
  • Qualified Medicare Beneficiary: A New Medicare Savings Program
  • Medicaid Eligibility and the Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) Method of Calculating Income
  • New Federal Benefit Provides Affordable Broadband Access
  • Affordable Connectivity Program

May 2022May 2022


  • Students with Special Education Needs May Be Entitled to COVID-Related Compensatory Education
  • Students Aging Out of Special Education During COVID May Get an Additional Year of Services
  • CHIP Health Insurance Wait Periods and Premiums Remain Suspended
  • Medicaid Renewals: The Start Is in Sight
  • New Jersey Releases Guidelines for Preventing Human Trafficking in Schools
  • Learn About the Open Public Meetings Act

Special Reentry Edition (April 2022)Special Reentry Edition (April 2022)

  • Reentry Benefits Extended and Longstanding Drug Conviction Ban Repealed
  • Licensing Barriers Removed for Those With Conviction Records
  • Expanded Expungement Relief Helps Decriminalize Addiction
  • Vacatur and Expungement Law Benefits Human Trafficking Survivors
  • NJ Courts Launch Electronic Filing System for Expungements
  • Guide to NJ’s E-Filing for Expungements: A Guide to Eligibility and Resources
  • Expunging Marijuana-Related Convictions
  • Automated Expungement for Marijuana and Hashish-Related Cases

April 2022April 2022


  • At Risk of Homelessness? Here’s What You Need to Know About Emergency Assistance and Time Limit Extensions
  • If You Disagree With a Welfare Decision, You Can Challenge It
  • 2022 Social Security COLA Increased 5.9%
  • National Crime Victims’ Rights Week Is April 24-30
  • If Someone Committed Crimes in Your Name, Here’s How You Can Clear Your Record
  • Identity Thief Tries to Claim Your Tax Refund. Now What?
  • Survivors of Sexual Violence Community Legal Education Materials
  • Public Service Announcement: DOJ Settles Against Joseph Centanni for Sexual Harassment in Housing

March 2022March 2022


  • Your Rights Under the Fair Chance Housing Act
  • Expanded Expungement Relief Helps Decriminalize Addiction
  • Medicaid Terminations Still Suspended
  • Social Security Resumes Limited In-Person Hearings
  • Accessing Free Community COVID-19 Resources

January-February 2022January-February 2022

  • Understanding your 2021 taxes
  • Human trafficking prevention
    • New vacatur and expungement bill signed into law
    • Debt bondage repair act
    • Changes to VCCO regulations
  • Statewide programs helps low-income landlords and tenants prevent eviction
  • New law extends reentry benefits

December 2021December 2021


  • Help With Your Utility Bills
  • Changes in Social Security Rules Can Benefit Claimants
  • Some Veterans Administration Debt Collection Activities Resum​e After Pandemic Suspension
  • Where Can I Do Legal Research on the Web?

November 2021November 2021

  • NJ’s Foreclosure Moratorium Ends.
  • Where Can I Do Legal Research in Person?
  • Medicaid Services and Managed Care: Your Rights to Medically Necessary Care

October 2021October 2021


  • Online Safety
  • Changes to Domestic Violence Restraining Orders
  • Survivors of Sexual Violence: Community Legal Education Materials
  • NJ SNAP Benefits Changes: What You Need to Know
  • Did You Recently Lose Unemployment Benefits? Other Programs Can Help!
  • Child Tax Credit Now Fully Refundable

September 2021September 2021


  • Critical Housing & Utility Updates:
         o Evictions trials have begun
         o COVID utility protections extended
         o COVID eviction moratorium/protections changed
         o How to apply for rental assistance
         o Emergency housing vouchers
  • New law favors kinship care over foster care
  • Know your educational rights
  • Can Unemployment demand a refund?

July-August 2021July-August 2021


  • Removing Barriers to Occupational and Professional Licensing
  • Expunging Marijuana-Related Convictions
  • School Residency Requirements
  • School Residency During Family Crisis
  • Rights of Homeless Students

June 2021June 2021

  • How Addiction Increases the Risk of Human Trafficking
  • Driver’s Licenses Now Available Regardless of Immigration Status
  • You Can Now Change Your Gender Marker on Some New Jersey IDs
  • The Impact of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency on Families Involved with the Child Welfare System

May 2021May 2021

  • ​​Your Rights When the Landlord Is Selling
  • Your Rights Against Illegal Eviction
  • Public Charge and Public Benefits for Immigrants
  • New Social Security Resources
  • FEMA and COVID-19 Funeral Expenses
  • VA COVID-19 Vaccines for Veterans and Their Spouses

April 2021April 2021

  • Managing an Outstanding IRS Balance
  • Open Enrollment for Marketplace Health Insurance Extended to 5-15-21
  • Challenging Unemployment Overpayments
  • Public Benefits for Immigrant Families
  • Marijuana Legalization and Youth Protections
  • Child Support Bench Warrants – Know Your Rights
  • COVID-Related Utilities Shut-Offs

March 2021March 2021

  • Updates on COVID-19 Mortgage Relief
  • SNAP Benefit Changes
  • Getting Ready for P-EBT
  • Protections from Discrimination or Harassment
  • Applying for a T Visa
  • Didn’t Receive Your Stimulus Funds?
  • Guide to NJ’s E-Filing for Expungements
  • Federal Student Loan Forbearance Extended

January-February 2021January-February 2021

  • Federal Economic Impact Payments: What You Need to Know
  • NJ Courts Launch E-filing for Expungements
  • Finding Assistance as a Human Trafficking Victim in NJ
  • Reporting the Crime of Human Trafficking
  • Your 2020 Taxes