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Resource for New Jersey Youth Transitioning to Adulthood



This online resource, compiled by the Children in Court Improvement Committee, helps New Jersey’s youth who are “aging out”—growing up and becoming adults.

Helping You Transition to Adulthood: Resources for New Jersey’s Youth covers several different topics, including:

  • The rights young people gain when they turn 18
  • How to get information about college or vocational schools and scholarships
  • Housing resources
  • Financial information
  • Employment opportunities
  • Peer support and counseling resources
  • Health information
  • Transportation resources

In addition to information and links to several agencies, there are also activities throughout the guide to help youth map out the different rights they have before and after the age of 18. It also can help youth identify goals, strengths, and possible career paths.


The chapter on education provides links to all public New Jersey high schools, and information about how to find vocational schools, colleges, and universities. It also provides detailed information about how to identify and apply for various scholarships.


Another chapter discusses available resources to help youth find employment. It provides links to youth corps, job corps, and the Department of Labor and Workforce Development.


The guide provides information about the importance of good financial credit and how to properly build it, and the process for applying for financial assistance. The guide also provides general information on opening bank accounts.


The health chapter describes various health insurance options, where to get medical care, and access to counseling.

Other Topics

The final few chapters include a list of youth shelters and resources for teen parents. The book also provides information on driving schools, access to public transportation, and how to get insurance. There is separate information for target populations including victims of domestic violence, LGBTQI youth, and youth involved with DCPP (Division of Child Protection and Permanency, formerly DYFS). Throughout the guide, any additional rights that are available to DCPP-involved youth are also explained.

The guide is available here.

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