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Learn About Your Rights in the Criminal Justice System as a Youth Trafficking Survivor


The criminal justice system is confusing for most people but particularly for youth survivors of human trafficking. If you are cooperating in an investigation, you may feel overwhelmed by the process and the number of people involved. 

To commemorate World Day against Trafficking in Persons on July 30, the Office of Victims of Crime at the Department of Justice shared materials for young survivors of human trafficking. These materials include a set of graphic novels that teaches youth trafficking survivors about the rights, roles, and responsibilities within the justice system of victims, witnesses, and defendants. By reading others’ stories, these novels can help you better understand how to navigate this process. They have also been translated into five languages, including African French, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese (simplified), Spanish, and Vietnamese. You can view them at New Translated Materials to Help Young Survivors of Human Trafficking.

If you need help understanding your rights, especially if you are cooperating in a criminal investigation, contact the PROTECT Hotline at 1-844-LSNJ-PRO(TECT) (1-844-576-5776) for more assistance.​