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Requesting Your Unemployment Records



If you appealed an unemployment claim, you have a right to see your records. Here’s how to make a request through the Open Public Records Act (OPRA).

NOTE: Your claim must be under appeal to make this request.

  1. Go to Open Public Records Act (from
  2. Click on State Request Form
  3. Click on the dropdown menu labeled Choose a Department/County Choose >> Labor
  4. Click on the dropdown menu labeled Choose an Agency/Division Choose >> Division of Unemployment Insurance
  5. This will take you to a form that you need to fill out.
    • Fill in your contact info, including your email
    • For delivery method, select >> email
    • Under Max Authorized Cost, put $1
      NOTE: If you choose email delivery, you will not be charged
    • At the bottom, there is a box where you can write specifics about your request. Be sure to include your social security number there. For example, you can write:
      • My SSN is xxx-xx-xxxx. Please provide all documents relating to my unemployment account dating back to *insert date of claim*, including all employer communications, web forms, determinations, and LOOPS screen printouts.
  6. In two weeks or less, you will receive an email from the DOL-OPRA Custodian with a secure login link to obtain the records. *Keep an eye on your junk mail to be safe*
  7. Log in at the link provided in the email and download all the documents sent.

NOTE: The documents might come in more than one email.​​