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In-Person Unemployment Appointments Are Now Available!



Unemployment (or Pandemic Unemployment Assistance) claimants can now schedule in-person appointments with the NJ Department of Labor to discuss their claims. To schedule an in-person appointment at a local unemployment office (also called a “one-stop” center), go to your online unemployment “dashboard” by clicking “check claim status” on the unemployment website. Once you enter your identifying information, you will see a link (in blue) to schedule an in-person appointment. Appointments are available throughout the state.

Note: If you have a problem that only an appeal can resolve (like you were disqualified for leaving work voluntarily, without good cause, or you were found to have been terminated for misconduct), an in-person meeting will not resolve the issue. You still have to resolve the matter through an appeal hearing. In-person meetings are for resolving issues such as weekly certifications and missed payments.

For verification problems:

Claimants wishing to verify their identity in person can now schedule their own appointments to do so. In person appointments are available at select UPS stores. Claimants may schedule in person appointments here: New Jersey Dept of Labor In-Person Verification.

Before your appointment, be sure to review the website so that you bring all of the necessary documents to your appointment!​