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Driver’s Licenses Now Available Regardless of Immigration Status


As of May 1, the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission allows “status neutral licenses” whereby any individual, regardless of immigration background, can apply for a driver’s license in New Jersey. If you do not have a New Jersey’s driver license and need a form of valid state identification, you may be eligible to obtain a status neutral license.

Under new regulations, status-neutral licenses allow the six-point identification system to be met by showing proof of a Social Security number or an Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN). If you do not have either, starting June 1, an affidavit (sworn statement) can be submitted stating that you are not eligible for a SSN and that you do not have an ITIN.

If you have a NJ license already but it expired less than three years ago, you should make an appointment for a renewal and bring the required documents. However, if your license expired more than three years ago, you will have to begin the process again as a first-time driver.  The same rule applies to those with out-of-state licenses. 

A status neutral license may differ from a Real ID, which is the new federal requirement for state-issued drivers licenses and non-driver IDs to prevent fraud. The Real ID will be required to fly within the U.S. starting on May 7, 2025. If you do not have the Real ID, you can use a valid a U.S. passport or other federally approved form of identification. You can still use your New Jersey driver’s license to drive.

To obtain a New Jersey driver’s license, visit the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (NJMVC) (NJMVC). If you are applying for a license for the first time, be sure to see the list of resources under “6-Point Identification” and the list of frequently asked questions at New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission's First Driver License/ID page.

If you do not speak English, the NJMVC should provide you with interpretation services.  Be sure to request an interpreter if you require language assistance.

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