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Department of Veterans Affairs Will Provide COVID-19 Vaccine to All Veterans and Their Spouses

Any veteran enrolled in Veterans Administration health care can now receive the COVID -19 vaccine at a VA facility. Under a new law, all veterans, their spouses, and their caregivers can receive the COVID-19 vaccine from a VA facility as supplies become available.

How do I schedule an appointment?

The VA recommends that you sign up online at COVID-19 vaccines at VA (from the US Department of Veterans Affairs).  Or visit the website of your local VA facility for information about availability. For the location and phone number of VA facilities near you, go to Find VA Locations (from the US Department of Veterans Affairs). Enter your address, select “VA Health” from the “Facility Type” drop down menu, then select “COVID-19 Vaccines” from the “Service Type” drop down menu.

Is there a cost for the vaccination?

No, the VA will vaccinate you without cost.

What identification should I bring to the appointment?

Bring one form of photo identification. Veterans might also want to bring a copy of their DD 214 to provide proof of their service.

Do my spouse and I have to make appointments for the same day and time?

No, spouses can make separate appointments to be vaccinated. ​​