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Applying For FEMA Assistance (Federal Emergency Management Agency)



To apply for FEMA assistance, call 1-800-621-3362. FEMA will review late applications even though the application deadline ended on January 5, 2022. If you submit a late FEMA application, you should explain why you did not apply earlier. FEMA may accept the late application if your reason makes sense. FEMA may deny the late application if the reason is not valid.

If I am undocumented, do I qualify for FEMA disaster assistance?

Disaster assistance from Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is financial or direct assistance to individuals and families whose property has been damaged or destroyed as a result of a federally-declared disaster, and whose losses are not covered by insurance.

You or someone in your home must be a U.S. citizen, non-citizen national, or qualified alien. Even if you are a non-citizen, you may be eligible for non-cash FEMA assistance (including food, shelter, and medical care). Also, your family might be eligible for FEMA cash assistance if any member of your household is legally documented. For example, if you are an undocumented parent, you can apply for cash benefits on behalf of your citizen child (under 18). If you are undocumented, FEMA could report your status to another federal agency if there is a specific request for that information.

What if I need assistance with other Ida-related expenses?

If you have accepted assistance from all other sources for which you are eligible, such as insurance proceeds or Small Business Administration disaster loans, you may qualify for “Other Needs Assistance” for disaster-related necessary expenses or serious needs. Such expenses can include, but are not limited to: clothing; household items, such as room furnishings or appliances; tools required for your job; necessary educational materials; fuels for a primary heat source; clean-up items; disaster-related vehicle damage; and medical, dental, and funeral costs. If you already applied for FEMA, but did not request this assistance, contact FEMA to update your request.

How do I apply for FEMA assistance?

  1. Apply online at  The deadlineto apply for assistance was Wednesday, January 5, 2022. FEMA will accept late applications on a case by case basis if FEMA believes the reason for late application is valid.
  2. Apply by phone (from 7 a.m. to 1 a.m. seven days a week) 1(800) 621-3362 [FEMA] Voice: 711 or VRS; TTY 1(800) 462-7585 for people with speech or hearing disabilities

When you apply, you will receive a FEMA application number. KEEP THIS NUMBER FOR FUTURE REFERENCE! Even if FEMA denies your application, your application number may be useful for future disaster relief programs.

Note: If you lived in a pre-disaster residence with other people who are not living with you after the disaster, you should note this on your application. Failure to do so might cause your application to be denied if FEMA receives multiple applications with the same pre-disaster address.

If you have a legal question about FEMA, contact Legal Services of New Jersey’s statewide toll-free Hotline at You will receive a response within two business days.​​​​​​