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New Law Prohibits Mugshot “Extortion” by Internet Publishers



Did you know? It is against the law for online publishers of mugshot and arrest information to charge you a fee to remove the information. You are also entitled to sue for damages and may even be awarded attorneys' fees and punitive damages for willful or reckless violations of the law.

It may be difficult to find and track these publishers. Some may even operate in other countries. But they are still subject to this law if they do business or use your information in New Jersey.

Online publication of criminal record information, or “mugshots,” can frustrate the efforts of rehabilitated people to obtain employment, secure housing, and be free of other negative consequences that can hinder their progress.

With this law, New Jersey joins more than a dozen other states with similar provisions outlawing such “extortion practices” and prohibiting the harmful exploitation of those with criminal records for financial gain.

Contact LSNJ if you run into any issues with online publishers using your mugshot or arrest information and charging a fee for its removal.​