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Public Access to Juvenile Delinquency Records


In New Jersey, juvenile records are “strictly safeguarded.” This means that they are not usually available to the public. But your juvenile records may be released in certain situations.

Under New Jersey law, a juvenile’s name, offense, and sentence may be disclosed to the public if the juvenile is found delinquent for any of the following:

  • A crime of the first, second, or third degree
  • Aggravated assault
  • Property damage greater than $500.

You can prevent this information from being disclosed if you can show that it is very likely that specific and extraordinary harm would result from the disclosure.

Who may see my record?

Law enforcement, probation, and court records are available to your school; certain state agencies; your parents, guardians, or attorneys; and any person who may sue you for damages.

Who does not have access to my record?

Employers, landlords, and other public entities do not have access to juvenile records. For example, juvenile records will not appear on a background report for employment purposes. (The records of juveniles charged as adults, however, can be available to the public to the same extent as adult records.) In fact, disclosing, publishing, using, or allowing another to use juvenile information is a disorderly person’s offense.

Can employers ask about my juvenile record?

Employers and others are free to ask you about the details of your juvenile record. People with juvenile records are encouraged to expunge them. If your juvenile record is expunged, it is considered not to have occurred and you have the right to truthfully tell employers and others (with few exceptions) that you do not have a record.

Can I expunge my juvenile record?

To find if you are eligible to expunge your juvenile record, contact LSNJLAWSM, LSNJ’s statewide, toll-free legal hotline, at 1-888-LSNJ-LAW.​​​​​​​