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You and the New Jersey Judiciary Ombudsman Program



If you have difficulty accessing the court system, you should be aware of the New Jersey Judiciary Ombudsman’s program. The courthouse in each county in New Jersey has at least one staff person called an Ombudsman who can answer questions and address concerns that you have in the court system. The Ombudsman is there to help all court users, particularly if you are elderly, do not speak fluent English, or have a disability.

While the Ombudsman cannot provide legal advice, he/she can provide as much information as possible, in a neutral and impartial manner, to ease you through the system and prevent misunderstandings. The Ombudsmen work with the trial court to provide:

  • Answers for question about how the court works and important deadlines
  • Information about the requirements for your case to be considered by the court
  • Some information about your case file
  • Brochures and publications about various programs and services
  • Information, brochures, forms and self-help kits for individuals who choose to represent themselves.

Keep in mind that because the Ombudsman cannot give legal advice, he/she cannot recommend a lawyer, advise you about how to plead your case or give an opinion about the outcome. Nor will the Ombudsman change an order issued by a judge, talk to the judge on your behalf, or let you speak to the judge outside of the courtroom.

Visit Judiciary Ombudsman Program (from NJ Courts) to learn more about the Ombudsman program. Visit Statewide Ombudsman Directory (from NJ Courts) to contact the Ombudsmen in your county.​​​​​​​​